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Welcome to The Virtual Toy Store by Uncomyn Gifts, one of the first on-line interactive stores of its kind. Scroll down for more information, or to enter our store click here, or 'knock' on our front door.

Free speech court decision

A decision is near in the fight to overturn the Communications Decency Act.
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Here is an example of censorship run amuck. My high school age step-son's page was censored by Thurston County School District for being too radical. Is it too radical, or just creative.Visit Jake's World, and you be the Judge.

Here is Jake's Art Gallery

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The Virtual Toy Store specializes in hard-to-find unusual/obnoxious gift items, TOYS, T-shirts, and jewelry specifically targeted towards the Science Fiction & Fantasy enthusiast. Conventioners on the West coast have enjoyed Uncomyn Gifts' unusual interactive table at conventions such as Worldcon, Westercon, Norwescon, Loscon, and others since 1987. Now our goods are available all the time via our Virtual Toy Store WWW Home page. As we evolve, we will be adding images of our items, and in some cases sound or motion as well. The Virtual Toy Store is still under construction, so please be patient.

To order an item, call us at 1-888-862-6696 (1-888-UNCOMYN) (toll free from the US and Canada) or send us E-mail at (Eventually we will have direct/secure on-line ordering, but that is not ready yet). Shipping is based on actual cost, which runs under $3 for most smaller orders within the US and under $5 to Canada.
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If you want to see us or our stuff in person, here is a List of Conventions that we plan on attending.

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