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There is now a Northwest Science Fiction Convention Home Page maintained by John J. Beslanwitch (Jack) which specializes in conventions here in the Pacific Northwest that is very complete.

There is also a Speculative Fiction information clearinghouse at The Speculative Fiction Clearing House . Specifically, they have a general List of Conventions .

Our Scheduled Conventions


  • Jul 5-7, ConDiablo/Westercon 49 , El Paso Convention Center, El Paso TX

  • Aug 2-4, Fantasticon , Los Angeles Airport Hilton, West Century Blvd, United States of America
    Many guests from many shows ST:{TOS,DS9,TNG,Voyager}, SPACE ABOVE AND BEYOND, Babylon 5. B5 guests include:
    Bruce Boxleitner (Cpt. Sheridan)
    Mira Fulan (Delenn)
    Bill Mummy (Leneer)
    Peter Jurasik (Londo)
    Steven Furst (Vir)
    Claudia Chrisitian (Susan Ivanova)
    Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander)
    Richard Biggs ()
    Additional Information:
    ACTIVITIES: Panels, writers workshop with Paramount writers, Q&A sessions with casts from several top shows, surprise and announced autograph sessions, Saturday night gala dinner with celebrities, previews of upcoming scifi and fantasy films, special sets, stunt show, and much more.
    SLEEPING ROOMS: We have a room block at the LA Airport Hilton.
    MEMBERSHIP COST: Tickets range from $120-$175 for entire weekend reserved seating; open seating $90 for the weekend or $70 for Saturday and Sunday only (the show is a full 3 days); tickets at the door will be $35 per day cash or money order only.
    MAIL ORDER: To order by mail, send a check payable to Fantasticon to PO Box 821673, South Florida, FL 33082-1673. enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your receipt which you will need to bring with you to the con to exchange for tickets.
    MORE INFORMATION: Send a large self addressed stamped envelope to Fantasticon at the mail order address. Or email Ruthanne at or

  • Aug29-Sep2, L.A.con III, the 54th Worldcon , Anaheim CA,
  • Oct 11-13 (?), InCon '96, Spokane Valley Red Lion, N. 1100 Sulivan Rd., Spokane, WA 992200, (509) 924-9000
    InCon '96, P.O.Box 1026, Spokane, WA 99201
    Author Guest of Honor:
    Steven Barnes
    Artist Guest of Honor:
    Dragon Dronet
    Gaming Guest of Honor :
    Steve Jackson
    $25 at the door
    (509) 482-5288
    InCon '96, P.O.Box 1026, Spokane, WA 99201
    (206) 248-2010
  • November 8-10, 1996 - Orycon 18 - Portland, Oregon
    OryCon 18, Box 5703, Portland OR 97228-5703; (503) 283-0552

  • Nov 29-Dec 1, Loscon 24, Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel and Convention Center, Burbank, CA
    Guests of Honor:
    Loscon 23,c/o L.A. Science Fantasy Society, Inc.
    11513 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood CA 91601
    (818) 760-9234
    Membership cost:
    $30 July 5, 95 to Nov 15, 96
    $35 at the door
  • Dec 27-29, Stellar Occasion3, Harvey Hotel-Addision (N. Dallas), Dallas, TX
    Guest of honor:
    Walter Koenig ("Chekov", Star Trek; "Bester" the psi-cop on Babylon-5)
    More Details coming...
    Stellar Occasion, 3352 Broadway Blvd, Suite 470, Garland, TX 75043


  • Arisia '97 January 10, 11, & 12 . Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers . Arisia is a multifaceted convention, with many tracks of programming, kids' programs, a masquerade, Live Action Role Playing
    Guests of Honor:
    Writer: R. A. Salvatore
    Artist: Bob Eggleton
    Fan: The Founding Fathers Parents of Arisia
    Membership Fee Schedule
    $30 until November 15, 1996
    ARISIA Inc.
    1 Kendall Square
    Suite 322
    Cambridge MA 02139
  • July 3-6, Westercon 50, The Once And Future Westercon , Seattle, WA,
    Guests of Honor:
    Westercon Present - Joseph Michael Straczynski
    Westercon Past - Martin Harry Greenberg
    Westercons Yet to Come - Amy Thomson
    Artist GoH - Victoria Poyser-Lisi
    Music GoHs - Spider and Jeanne Robinson
    Science GoH To Be Announced
    Fan GoH - Walter J. Daugherty

    Membership Fee Schedule (valid until December 31, 1995)
    New Membership
    (did not pressuport or vote)
    Presupported and Voted $0
    Presupported, but did not vote $30.00
    Voted, but did not presupport $15.00
    Children 6-12 $20.00

    Sheraton Hotel and Towers
    1400 6th
    Seattle, WA
    Telephone: (206) 621-9000
    Room Rates:
    $115 single/double
    $130 triple/quad
    Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee
    P.O. Box 283, Seattle
    Washington 98111-0283.
  • Aug28-Sep1, LoneStarCon 2, the 55th Worldcon , San Antonio, TX,
    Attending through Dec. 31, 1994 $65
    Attending through Aug. 15, 1995 $80
    Attending Children (Age 3-12)* $40
    Attending Children (Age under 3)* $ 0
    Supporting $25

    The following discounts still apply for pre-supporters:
    Pre-Support/Oppose $5
    Defender $15
    Spirit $35
    (unless you voted, then
    conversion is free)
    Info: (via SASE)
    LoneStarCon 2
    PO Box 27277
    Austin TX 78755-2277

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