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The Hologram Suite

Starring film and glass holograms by:

Red Beam, A.H. Prismatic, U.S. Holographics
The Richmond Holographic Studios LTD

Also featuring accessories by:
3D-Arts and Lasart

‡Some of our holograms are multi-channel. A multi-channel hologram has an image that changes with the viewing angle. These holograms are indicated by a number and the ‡ symbol. The number before the symbol indicates the number of exposures of the listed hologram. For example 10‡ indicates a 10 channel hologram.

¤This symbol is used to indicate holograms generated using a pulsed laser technique for a better quality image of a live subject.

Star Trek Holograms:
USS ENTERPRISE - Film 3.25x2.8, matted 5x7 - Two-channel - Price $15.00
Available in a new format, the original USS ENTERPRISE is engaged in battle with phasers blazing. This is a multi-channel hologram with two images, one with and one without phasers firing.

USS ENTERPRISE - Acrylic Stand - Price $15.00
The same image as above, mounted on a popular acrylic display stand.

KLINGON BATTLE CRUISER - Film 4x5, matted 8x10 - Two-channel - Price $30.00
From the original Star Trek series, the Klingon Battle Cruiser is featured in attack-mode, with cannons firing.

NEW Star Wars Holograms: DARTH VADER - Film 4x5, matted 8x10 - Two Channel - Price $30.00
The formidable Darth Vader wields his light saber, captivating views.

MILLENNIUM FALCON - Film 3x3, 8x10 matted - Two Channel - Price $15.00
The Mellennium Falcon battle the "dark side" of the Force. Two Tie-fighters are engaged in battle.

See our new
Lasart Holographic Gallery!

Here is a sample of the variety of mounted holograms available (more listings coming soon):

Film Holograms: 2"x2" Matted to 5"x7"
Name Description Price
Baby Rolls Front View Of An Antique Rolls Royce $14.00
Bees X‡NewHoney Bees on Honeycomb $15.00
Beetle 2‡Under a magnifying Glass $15.00
Bird Head Of Small Cardinal $14.00
Blooming Rose 3‡A Rosebud Breaking Into Flower $15.00
Blue Titwillow Head Of Small Sparrow 4X5 version is Whole Bird On Bottle) $15.00


Film Holograms: 3"x4" Matted to 8"x10"
Name Description Price
Alien 3‡Human Turns Into An Alien $26.00
Clockworks The Insides Of A Clock $26.00
Cupid New Two Cheeky Cherubs $13.00
Dianne ¤Beautiful Black Lady With Shells In Her Hair $26.00
Eyes Myriad Of Eyes Within An Eye $26.00
Gold Bars $50,000 in Pure Swiss Gold $26.00


Film Holograms: 4"x5" - Matted to 8"x10"
Name Description Price
Airliner Plane Climbing Through The Clouds $35.00
Alchemist Wizard At Work surrounded By Magical Potions $35.00
Attic Antique Steamer Trunk In san Francisco Attic $35.00
Baseball 2‡American Pasttime - Pitcher/batter $35.00
Beckoning Finger 6‡Come Here, Please! $35.00
Berlin Wall 3‡New Berlin Wall Opens Showing the Brandenburg Gate $35.00
Blessing, The New Star Trek-Hand Sign of Spock's "Live Long and Prosper" $35.00


Film Holograms: 5"x8" - Matted to 9.5"x12"
Name Description Price
Binoculars New Look Through Eyepieces for View Of Ship $70.00
Confetti ¤Wedding Hands - "With This Ring I Thee Wed..." $70.00
Film Set Director's Chair In Movie Set $70.00
Flight ¤Peace Dove In Flight $70.00
F-16 Fighter New U.S. Fighter Jet As Seen From Above, Cockpit Opens $30.00


Film Holograms: 8"x10" - Matted to 11"x14"
Name Description Price
Alchemist Medieval Scientist Turns Base Metal Into Gold $136.00
Alice Alice Entering Mirror On Mantelpiece $136.00
Baby Owls Three Baby Owls In A Tree $136.00
Barn Owl ¤New A Barn Owl In Flight $136.00


Film Holograms: 12"x16" - Framed to 16"x20"
Name Description Price
Carlie & Benjamin Portrait of Girl Kissing Her Little Brother $280.00
Henry VIII King Feasing on Whole Fowl $280.00
Legend I New Marilyn Monroe Lookalike $280.00


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