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Titanium Star Trek (c) jewelry by Spector.
All with multi-colored treatment. Very pretty. (All earrings on hooks for pierced ears)

Basic Star Trek (c) shield (~1" long) with 
Command, Engineering, or Science insignia               $15.00

1/2" diameter Star Trek Lapel pin with Command, 
Engineering,or Science insignia                         $12.00

"Shooting Star", titanium star with silver color tail   $20.00

Ringed Planet (titanium disk with silver color rings)   $20.00

I have jewelry made using silver, copper, and gold-filled wire. 14K Gold is available by special order. There is an additional surcharge on gold jewelry based on the current market price on gold. Beads are made of natural minerals. Click here to get jewelry order information.

I also stock 'Fiber Eye', a man made material developed for fiber-optic communications. When cut in a standard cabachon, this material has a reflective eye (like Tiger's Eye and the precious 'Star Stones') that is truly captivating. I also have magnifiers made out of the same material in rectangular and round shapes upto 3" across and with magnifications to 3X.

  • Simple wire knot ring $ 3.00
  • Simple wire ring with Large bead $ 5.00
  • Simple wire ring with 3 small beads $ 5.00
  • Braided three-metal rings $ 5.00
  • 4-Wire puzzle ring (silver) $12.00
  • Mineral Rings - Wide (~3mm) $ 5.00
  • Narrow(~1.5mm) $ 3.00
  • Fiber Eye Rings Small $12.00
  • Fiber Eye Rings Large $15.00
  • Fiber Eye Pendent $35.00
  • Fiber Eye Bracelet $45.00
  • Fiber Eye 3-stone Bracelet $65.00
  • Small rectangular Fiber Eye magnifier
    (~3/4"X1/4",2.5X) $10.00
  • Small round Fiber Eye magnifier
    (~1/2",2.5X) $10.00
  • Medium round Fiber Eye magnifier
    (~3/4" round, 1.4X) $15.00
  • Medium round Fiber Eye magnifier
    (~3/4" round, 12.5X) $20.00
  • Largest rectangular magnifier
    (~3" across, 3X) ~$150.00

Beads are available in the following materials:
Malachite, gold and red Tigers Eye, Amber, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Amythest, Lapis Lazuli, Mother of Pearl. Other materials may be available.

Mineral Rings are available in the following materials:
Hematite, Black Onyx, Carnelian Agate, Green Agate, Blue Agate, Rose Quartz, and Turquoise (narrow ring only).

Ordering Jewelry

  • I will need your ring size for rings.
  • If you are ordering a bracelet, I will need the distance around you wrist.
  • Please indicate what metal you want your jewelry in.
  • Indicate what mineral you want, if there this is a jewelry piece with a stone or bead.

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