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Costumes and Accessories

Babylon 5 Related Clothing

  • T-Shirts

    fv-2120-50.jpg (3379 bytes)We have a lot of Babylon5 T-shirt styles now. They are now organized into pages by type: Single Cast (T-shirt centering around a single character, i.e., Ivanova), Group Cast (Season cast T-shirts and other T-shirts depicting more than one person), and Other, which includes logos, ships, etc. They are all available in sizes M,L,XL, and XXL. Most T-shirts are becoming available in XXXL and 4XL.  These T-shirts are REALLY sharp. Just follow the link to see the images! Nearly all shirts are printed on Heavy Weight 100% cotton T's.

  • Jackets

    There were two designs of jackets, but there are currenly none in production. You can see this link for more information.

  • Bill Caps (Baseball Style Caps)

    B5 Patch Hat-50.jpg (5066 bytes)There are currently 3 styles of caps, two with variations of the standard Babylon 5 logo, and one with the gold patch found on the 'new' uniforms.

  • MNBRMSK3.JPG (1284 bytes)Masks

  • Costumes (Not yet released - promised by Rubies Costumes)


    5/25/98 (10/25/98 - still no change)

    The latest word from the manufacturer is that there will be a October release of the now long awaited and over-due costumes. The costumes are now supposed to be the "New" or "Army of Light" costumes, one in each of Womens and Mens designs. Watch this page for further details, or sign up on our Monthly newletter on the top B5 Shop Page to be notified when further details are available.

  • fcj-02-33.jpg (1889 bytes)Costume Pins

  • fcpt-08V130.jpg (4929 bytes)Patches


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