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Babylon 5 Related Calendars, Photos, and Posters

  • Calendars
    Including The Year 2000 Slow Dazzle Calendar shipping now.
  • Photos
    ozb5-118-33.jpg (4073 bytes)36 Photos and more coming...
  • Posters
    babposter3-33.jpg (3494 bytes)
    The first BABYLON 5 poster, which will be released in [Early May], features a montage of exciting images from the television show framing the handsome sheild logo of the fifth season; the second, for release in June, shows an Earthforce
    destroyer in combat-the vivid and exciting image featured on the front cover of Chameleon Eclectic's Earthforce Sourcebook for The Babylon Project roleplaying game. Future posters will be based around other images from the television series and the roleplaying game, and will be released every six weeks. At least ten posters are planned for the
    series. Each will be 22" x 34" in size and priced at $10.00.
    Chameleon Eclectic )



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