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Babylon 5 Security Manual By Michael Garibaldi
As compiled by Jim Mortimore
ISBN 0-345-42453-0
For members of Babylon 5 Security Staff ONLY!

Image of Creating Babylon 5 by David Bassom"Basically what you've got here is a big tin can in outer space. It's five miles long and it's full of people: 250,000 on average. They all think they know the rules better than you do. Your job is to show them they're wrong"

-Michael Garibladi
Chief Warrant Officer, Babylon 5

This definitive manual details everything you need to know about maintaining security aboard the Babylon 5 space station, from discharging a weapon in a confined space to diffusing a potential diplomatic incident between alien races. Here, Chief of Security Garibaldi and his successor Zack Allen share vital, highly sensitive information, including

  • Complete knowledge of Babylon 5's structure, technical operations, personnel, and population

  • Portraits of more than forty types of lifeforms throughout the galaxy

  • Full technical illustrations of weapons, crafts, uniforms, and accessories

  • Detailed maps of every deck, level, and section of Babylon 5

  • Proper protocol, laws, combat, and emergency procedures

  • Deep background on key personnel and dangerous inhabitants

  • And much  more

DRB-42453: The Babylon 5 Security Manual $18.95

Creating Babylon 5
By David Bassom
ISBN 0-7522-0841-1 (EU)
ISBN 345-41452-7 (US)
Behind the scenes of Warner Bros. revolutionary deep space TV drama.

Image of Creating Babylon 5 by David BassomIn Creating Babylon 5, author David Bassom takes an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this seminal series. From plot development to the show's ground-breaking special effects methods, Bassom covers all aspects of Babylon 5's production. Interviews with all the main cast and key production crew combine with page after page of stunning photography and essential details about the Babylon 5 universe. Creating Babylon 5 is the only book to chart the birth and creation of the science fiction phenomenon of the decade."

Sold Out

B5BT1: Creating Babylon 5 (UK) $28.00

ISBN 345414527: Creating Babylon 5 (US) $18.00 (Different cover, not shown)

The A-Z of Babylon 5
By David Bassom
ISBN 0-7522-0252-9
The Complete reference guide to the ground-breaking sci-fi drama created by J. Michael Straczynski

Image of THE A TO Z of Babylon 5 Babylon 5 is no ordinary science fiction show. Like no other before, it presents a universe as complex as the human condition itself. With five major races on board the station - Humans, Minbari, Centauri, Narn and Vorlons - not to mention dozens of minor races, the situation is ripe for political intrique and the tension of quarrelling factions. A-ZGdUS-50.jpg (5982 bytes)

UK Version


US Version

           With telepaths and the growing threat of the Shadows to be thrown into th4e equation, creator J. Michael Straczynski's unique 5-year story arc is capturing the imagination of the world.

          The A-Z of Babylon 5 is the perfect companion to an ever-developing series. In an easy-to-use alphabetical format, Dabid Massom, author of Creating Babylon 5, brings us the details behind every Name, Place, Treaty, War, Alien Race, Vehicle, Vessel - even Concept. In short, this is the ultimate Babylon 5 reference work, complete with cross-referencing and episode guide. So now the serious fan can keep track. In the words of Commander Sinclair, the station's original head - "Sooner or later, everyone comes to Babylon 5."

B5BT2: The A-Z of Babylon 5 (UK Version) $18.00 (out of stock)

ISBN 0-440-22385: The A-Z of Babylon 5 (US Version) $6.99

The Babylon 5 Graphic Novels (UK)

New from Europe, the Babylon 5 Graphic Novel #1: A compilation of B5 Comics #1-4 in a soft bound book.

B5GN1 $15.00 + S&H (out of stock)


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