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The Official Guide to Babylon 5
by Sierra On-Line

Macintosh and PC Compatable

front-50.jpg (5564 bytes)cdfrnt-50.jpg (5063 bytes)Set the course with Captain Sheridan, Ambassador Delenn and the inhabitants of Babylon 5 for an in-depth tour of the immense Babylon 5 universe. This interactive reference guide is loaded with hundreds of photos, sound and video clips - from the inner workings of the space station to the outer reaches of the galaxy. You'll learn so much about the histories, biographies and technical workings of Babylon 5 that you'll be ready to sign on for a tour of duty. General topics include Emergency (sounds, etc.), Weapons, Ships, the Guided Tour, Governments, Directory, and Places.

bestfnt-50.jpg (6547 bytes)Also included is "The Best of Babylon 5" Cd. It presents the music from the first seven Babylon 5 soundtracks released by Sonic Images Records. It also features two new tracks, composed exclusively for the upcoming Babylon 5 game created by Sierra.

The Enhanced track includes Quicktime interviews about the Babylon 5 game, and a Trailer for the upcoming game.

SO-70185: B5 Interactive Guide Discontinued - Sold Out


New Lower Price

front-50.jpg (8346 bytes)back-50.jpg (8346 bytes)The Original B5 CD-ROM Utility!
Your favorite sounds and sights from Babylon 5 on your computer.   (yes, you do need a CD-ROM drive to load this one! Too many images, sounds, and video files to fit on floppies!) Supplies are running down on this limited edition, so get them while you can!

Original Babylon 5 CD-ROM Utility
Discontinued - Sold Out

New B5 Shadow Wars CD-ROM

q2-50.jpg (7468 bytes) q1-50.jpg (7468 bytes) q3-50.jpg (7468 bytes)


B5 Shadow Wars CD-ROM
Price: $31.35 + S&H
Discontinued - Sold Out


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