We gladly accept your [ VISA ][ Master Card ][ American Express Card ]orders!
To Order, Snail-mail, fax, or e-mail us your order. Sending a Credit Card number over the internet in clear text is not recommended! Please remember to send us your shipping address (we send USPS unless requested otherwise), your phone number, and your e-mail address if you have one and are sending your order in by snail-mail.

Shipping and Handling charges for items ordered by Virtual Cart and shipped to destinations in the US are calculated based on weight and actual shipping cost. If the destination is outside the US, we will e-mail you the actual S&H and insurance costs. If you order by phone, the following S&H charges apply:

Shipping and Handling charges for telephone orders:

If you are paying by credit card, be sure to give me:
a. the complete card number
b. the expiration date
c. your name as it is on the card
d. The address that you receive your credit card bills at,
especially if the shipping address is different.

We don't charge your order until the merchandise is ready to ship. We will attempt to ship as much of the order as we can right away, and the remainder as soon as it is available.

Returns Policies:

Contact us to let us know you are returning an item.

If it was our mistake (wrong item, wrong size, too many, etc...) , we will send you a return package with postage.

If you decide you don't want something you ordered afterall, you get a full refund or credit for the item. You only pay the return postage. Just return the item in original condition.

If an item was damaged in shipment, we will send you another. Depending on the item, we may or may not ask you to return it.

If you are unhappy about your order for any reason, just give us a call! We won't bite, we want to keep you a happy customer.

Info on getting PGP:
The International PGP Home Page
In the uk: mantis
Click to download the ASCII version of our PGP Public Key: uncomyn.asc
Click to download the BINARY version of our PGP Public Key: uncomyn.pgp
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