My Friends




Usually me and the Pred just sit around and polish skulls. He can do this cool thing with his toung.




This totally hot and super sexy chick is really cool. She just moved down to Oregon, so I don't get to see her much anymore. We've been friends since about 8th grade and I can say it's been fun ever since.




This guy is really funny. He always has something witty to say in any conversation.

You can call him Spud.









He's always good for a few laughs when there is nothing else to do.





No explanation needed, just don't piss him off.





This guy, he's insane! But in a good way. He wanted to let you know that he will be the future ruler of the world. So you better start worshiping him now.





This is Ross. Also known as Conan. Don't get too close, he may bite.

Ross says: "All hot chicks should e-mail me at"




This is one of the nicest persons you could ever meet. She is so fun to be with and just plain sweet.




Ben is this weird guy who hangs around and bugs everyone. O wait... that's Nick. Ben is this cool guy.